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Start something BIG in your small town!

Artistic Ambitions:

Small Town Paint Parties

Does your 9-5 job provide you with the creativity you crave?

Are you a starving artist after work?

Do you want to ditch the confusion about how to book a party? How to talk to the venue?

Do you need a road map about paint parties? (even women need maps)

Do you need someone to actually answer your questions about what brand of paint to buy, what brushes to buy, how to talk to customers??

What if you could have all the answers in one spot? And tools to help you along the way?


Hi there!

At 26 years old, I had a full time job. 

It was not creative or artsy.

It was technical.


My mom suggested I teach paint parties. I really had no idea what I was doing. Just went for it. Just started. No one else in my town was doing this.

I didn't know how much paint to buy.

I didn't know what painting to teach.

I didn't know how to teach.

I didn't know how much money I would make.

I made some mistakes. I got paid from venues very late. I had to negotiate with venues. I had to figure out what worked and what didn't. Whether to issue refunds or not. How to handle cancellations. 

I'll teach you how to build a profitable creative side outlet paint party business that will not only benefit you but also the people you are serving.

How's it work?

I am hosting a group coaching container. You'll have access to a private forum that is made up of other small townies.


No pre-recorded courses.

All live learning.


This is application based to ensure no one in the group is competing with someone else in the group. You'll have access to the group (and me) for 6 months!

It starts January 1st!

This timeframe is important because we'll be setting you up for success for the following months that will be the most profitable months.

And lawd knows your small town

needs more things to do.

paint brushes.jpeg

Who's it for?

  • Full-timers wanting a side hustle.

  • People wanting to bring art to their small town. Not just art, but art for EVERYONE! Paint parties aren't for artists, they are for the people who need a place to fulfill their creative need, for people who want to socialize but not stare at each other.

  • Those people that are always being called "artsy" and "creative" (like we are being blamed for it lol).

  • Part-timers who want to make some money and bring art to their community.

When does it start?

Access to the group opens January 1st.

The Details

6 months.

$25 per month.

The lowest it will ever be.

I will not be accepting every single person.

This group is action orientated.

I need you to show up and sprint.


If you want to pivot in your life - click the button.

We will cover...

Where to buy supplies.

Flyer reviews.

How to get paid.

How to talk to painters.

What not to do.

How to create your own paintings.

and More!

This is me

I'm an introvert. I'm from a small small town. I started my paint party business in a small town. I currently live in what feels like a small town.

I do more than just paint parties. I have two kids, 5 animals, a husband. I paint live at events. I paint murals and window paintings for businesses.

I mountain bike, spin, read books, put legos together, take baths in my dream bathtub, go on hikes.

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