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Ms. Kelly Speckhart




Kitten and Cat

Current 'real' job - 2023 - working for myself (murals, art, teaching, being a fiancé, raising step kids, raising 4 cats and a dog)

2nd 'real' job - Estimating for concrete construction 

'Real' job after college - 2012 - Security company tech/ AutoCad

Job after college - Department store

Job during college - 2010 - Computer Lab/ Printing tech 

Job during college - 2009 - Winery

First Job - 2005 - Panera Bread Co.

a bit about me

5 songs I can't live without:

You & Me - DMB

God Speed - Zach Bryan

Push - Matchbox Twenty

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

Fat Lip - Sum 41

5 'sports' I can't live without playing:

sand volleyball

snow skiing

sporting clays

jiu jitsu

5 places I have to go back to before I die (besides home and Cape Cod):

San Diego




Watching cat videos

2010 - present
2010 - present

Bachelor of Science - Architectural Studies

Master of Architecture

Southern Illinois University Carbondale 2006 - 2011


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