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Have you thought about starting a paint party business in your small town? Yes, I said small! You can do it in any size town! I started in a small town!


This free pdf explains five simple things, you might have not thought about, that you can do to help you get started in your paint party business! This is a single page document.


I'm an introvert. I taught paint parties on the side during my full time job for 8 years. I didn't know how to start a paint party business. I didn't know what paint to buy. I didn't know how to talk to venues.


Find me on Instagram at @paintwithusartesia and let me know how this helps you!!


This is a digital download only. After you checkout, you will be sent an email with a link to download the PDF which will be availble for 30 days.


By purchasing the product, you agree to only use it for personal use, NOT for commercial use. You may NOT distribute these items electronically under any circumstances. All designs are protected by copyright.

FREE! - 5 Practical Pointers - FREE download!

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